Wednesday, May 25, 2011

meet some friends

 not quite a friend, but hasn't Amelia grown?! She'll be three months old this week. What a sweet, sweet smiley girl. Oh, and she loves to eat.
left to right. Marian (11.5 weeks pregnant..yay!..we've been praying for her to conceive for some time), Megan (married this past January, husband is in training in Texas for three months, loves j.crew- girl after my own heart), me (whose husband deploys next month... very sad), Michelle (my decorator/ walking partner/ neighbor/ first Idahoan friend), Elyssa (brand new to being an Air Force spouse and hilarious), and Stephanie (has a 7 month old daughter and husband has been deployed for almost 6 months). What blessings these girls have been (and other, unpictured, gals too).

..and about that weight loss. 9 lbs to go. I quit the diet long ago and have tried to eat balanced. Doesn't always work. I have picked back up jogging- with the double stroller- and work out videos (brings me back to exercising with my college roommate, Holly) after the girls are asleep for the night. I'm enjoying the exercise, I guess that's what really matters.

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  1. Just want to say I miss having you as my gym buddy. It's so much harder to get myself to the gym when there isn't anyone to enjoy it with!